The Centro Nikkei Argentino is the only Argentine institution that is a member of the Nikkei Pan American Association (APN), which is currently composed of Nikkei institutions from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Chile, United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.  Japan is considered an external regional member country. Its mission is to promote and strengthen the union of the Nikkei of America.

Among the international activities of the CNA are the organization, dissemination and coordination of the Argentine delegation that will travel to:

Confra (Nikkei Sports Fellowship)

What is the Confra?

The Nikkei International Sports Fellowship is an event that brings together Nikkei athletes from various disciplines in a multisport continental event that takes place every two years in different countries of Latin America. The first competition took place in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1968 and 23 editions have already been disputed.

How it began ?

The creation of the Confra is explained from love. The romance that emerged between a peron from Lima, Peru,  and a Paulista, Brasil, in a cultural meeting laid the foundations for both colonies to organize in São Paulo a “First meeting for the social studies of the Nisei” in 1967, with the participation of Brazil, Peru and Argentina. That integrative spark then generated the invitation of the hosts to their neighboring countries to be part of the San Pablo Athletic Intercolonial Tournament of 1968. The rest is history.

Chile 2018

The XXIIIº edition of the Confra was held from February 8 to 11 of this

year in Santiago de Chile. The most important Nikkei sporting event in Latin America was attended by ten countries (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) in ten sports (athletics, bowling, futsal, golf, judo , karate, swimming, tennis, table tennis and volleyball), all in both the male and female branches.

Brazil 2020

The 24th edition of the Confra already takes place and date. It will be in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2020.

For those Nikkei athletes interested in being part of this sport party, the call is now open. The proposal is that all athletes with Japanese ancestry of the country, both federated and non-federated, who want to compete in any discipline to be part of this sport party, contact the Nikkei Argentine Center at .ar / or telephone 011 4862-7774 to provide them with the necessary information and connect them with the delegates of their respective sports so that we can be more and more and continue to nurture our successful Argentine Delegation.

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COPANI (Nikkei Pan American Convention)

COPANI is distinguished for being an event where Nikkei can meet, share and discuss experiences, expose the problems of each country and the actions they have taken as a solution to results, indicators and relevant results for Nikkei, and information of great value for their communities in the different countries that assist with the objective of improving their communities and the societies in which they work to have a better world.

This international event is held every two years since 1981.

This 2019 it will be hosted in San Francisco. For more information contact the following email:

Go to the COPANI site

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● International exchanges

See section DALE!

The Centro Nikkei Argentino coordinates the Argentine delegations that travel to the different youth exchanges in Latin America:

Brazil – Movimente
Paraguay – Fenix
Perú – Lidercambio
México – Vibrajoven

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Other Panamerican Institutions

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