What is the Centro Nikkei Argentino? 

The Centro Nikkei Argentino (CNA) is a nonprofit organization created by the Japanese -Nikkei- in Argentina. Created in 1985 it was creates by the Nikkei community to maintain the connection with their roots and at the same time try to mix the knowledge of our ancestors with the Argentinian cultural context.

CNA it’s an organization that joins together the firsts generations of Japanese descendants and Argentinian citizens that live the Japanese culture.

The CNA encourages peace and friendship between Argentinian, American and Japanese culture. And stimulates the exchange of ideas and activities with the good goal of contribute the formation of better citizens for a prolific society.

“We believe in the values ​​of honesty, respect, responsibility, discipline, solidarity, gratitude and humility”

Our Mission

Is to promote, develop and support activities that favor the dissemination of Japanese culture. Work integrally with other Nikkeis and non-Nikkeis institutions, national and international in strengthening of opportunities offered to society. Focus and prioritize the formation of new generations of leaders committed to the common good and who feel identified with Japanese values. Encourage mutual understanding and integration of Argentine, Nikkei and Japanese societies in cultural, political, economic and social aspects.


Our Vision

Is to be a leading institution in Argentina and abroad, for its contribution to the integration and development of society through Japanese values ​​and culture.