Young Featured Nikkei

What is the Young Featured Nikkei?

In the Japanese community there are people who work towards a better future, whether from their studies, their work or any means of action where they work. For this reason it is necessary to recognize these actions in order to support these efforts and demand put as examples. The Centro Nikkei Argentino, since 1986, tries to give those young people between 18 and 40 years old, through the “Young Featured Nikkei” recognition, the predominant role they have won with effort in the areas of art, science, culture, professionals, sports and humanities. Today, 34 years after its creation, there are 116 “Outstanding Young People”. And we are fully proud of them. Because year after year, they have demonstrated through their actions the deserving of these awards. We are proud because they are Nikkei, for their interest in being “better citizens” on this country where we were born and raised, gathering the good that we inherited from our parents and the things that we learned from our country, based on facts the basis for construction of a future prosperous society.

2018 Winners

  • Art Area: Jarumi Nishishinya
  • Art Area: Maximiliano Matsumoto
  • Art Area: Yuki Okumura
  • Professionals Area: Hernán Kina
  • Professionals Area:  Paula Ikeda
  • Institution: Voluntarios de la Asociación Universitaria Nikkei (AUN)

2017 Winners

  • Sports Area: Minoru Kevin Tamashiro
  • Cultural Area: Carolina Eiguchi
  • Institution: Akita Kenjinkai

2016 Winners

  • Sports Area: Gastón Alto
  • Entrepreneurs Area: Germán Kokubu
  • Humanities Area: Pablo Garivati
  • Professionals Area: Guillermo Tomoyose
  • Professionals Area: Noemi Yokobori
  • Institution: Asociación Japonesa en la Argentina