International exchange in Argentina

Why DALE!?

About us

The Organizing Committee of the Exchange is a youth group, dependent on Centro Nikkei Argentino (CNA) and formed by members of various Nikkei institutions in Argentina, with the objective of training adolescents and young people, so that they are people of good ability to lead changes in the society in which they develop.

Our mission

Facilitate tools, expand knowledge circles, form bonds and motivate each one to be surprised of our own potential and thus create change generators among young people in Argentina and abroad.


The exchange is based on experience as input and at the same time as a learning space. Through the concrete experience, the participants begin a process that starts from identifying the personal and group experience, then observing and reflecting the experience analytically, identifying and defining the key elements of the concrete practice and finally returning to the practice to apply the learned. This learning process proposes the active participation of young people, where their individual and group experiences and reflections become part of the learning product.

For this they will be taken from the beginning of the Exchange through active processes that encourage them to participate. Those who conduct the learning sessions become facilitators of this experiential experience, having the mission of monitoring and carrying out the processes in which the participants act.


– Be 18 to 35 years old.

– Guarantee of a Nikkei institution.

– Want to LEARN, GROW and be READY to share a space experience generator

Social media:

E-mail: interdale@centronikkei.org.ar